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We welcome all authors to submit, participate, collaborate, experiment, to join in on this journey. We are actively looking around trying to find the hidden gems. We are interested in all genres except non-fiction and Fanfiction.

When it comes to new prospects, Editingle team expects something fresh. Your story must be original and your voice must capture our attention. We accept classic retellings as long as there is a fresh twist.

We are interested in: 

  •  Romance (Paranormal, Contemporary, Suspense, Regency, etc)

  • Contemporary (currently closed)

  • Fantasy (currently closed)

  • Mystery/Thriller (currently closed)

  • Yound Adult (currently closed)

  • New Adult (currently closed)

  • Horror (currently closed)

We also accept classic retelling's as long as there is a fresh twist, Memoirs and Poetry.

Got a story that fits our taste? Shoot it out. What are you waiting for?

Editingle wants the success of all its writers. When one succeeds, we all succeed. Our team offers guidance from personal experience, with a focus on making your voice shine through.

Unfortunately, we won't always be the right fit for everyone, or for all particular works.

Thankfully, there are many ways into publishing, we hope our community style will be the path some choose to take and wish all the rest, the best.


Kindly do not forward your first drafts as it is. Your script should go through author level editing and basic cleansing, beta reading etc. before you submit it to us.

  • We accept email submissions only.

  • Please include a brief author bio, writing background and publishing history in the body of the email.

  • List your social media links. (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and links to your blog or website.)

  • Include the following information about your novel:

  • Genre

  • Word Count

  • Series or Standalone. If it’s a series, please tell us how many books you plan on including in the series.

  • Your legal name and pen name, if one is used.

  • Give us a brief description of your book in 200 words or less.

All your submissions must be sent to: with "MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION - 'Script name here'" as subject.

  • All files should be in a Microsoft Word document.

  • Font Style: Times New Roman

  • Font Size: 12pt

  • Line Spacing: Single

  • Use formatted, indented paragraphs ONLY. Please no tabs or spaces.

  • No spaces between paragraphs, unless it is to indicate a scene break.

  • Mark scene breaks with 3 asterisks (***).





  • We accept Microsoft Word documents.

  • Attach the FIRST 4 CHAPTERS only.

  • We will request for full manuscript if we like the sample.

  • NO INCEST OR GRAPHIC RAPE SCENES. If your story does include any rape scenes, please include the page numbers in which it occurs.

  • Please allow 4 weeks before sending us a follow up email. Unless you didn’t receive an email stating we received your submission.

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