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So, wanna see who are behind the scenes? Scroll down to meet our night owls...

Welcome to our workspace...

Catherine Edward,

Hailing from India, Catherine is an author and law graduate, specializing in Intellectual Property & Copyright Infringement.  She is passionate about Lycans, Werewolves, Witches and Vampires, and writes sizzling tales of love and betrayal. 

When she isn’t writing, she likes to travel and read. Music and writing goes hand in hand for this night owl. Her family and furbabies are her world.


She also loves to chat with her readers and fellow authors. You can find Catherine often chatting on Twitter or on her Facebook page.

Rucha Shrinath,

Rucha Shrinath is a freelance editor with 4+ years of experience in the publishing industry with wide range of skills in her fingertips. She writes articles for international magazines and enjoy graphic designing. 


When not editing or crushing over her book boyfriends, this little owl likes to cuddle under the blankets with a nice historical romance. A hardcore fan of Julia Quinn novels, she's currently working on her debut novel. 

An introvert by nature, you rarely see her on social media. However, she'd definitely enjoys the occasional knowledgeable conversations with her small group of friends.

Portia Ekka,
Marketing Head

Portia Ekka is best known for her freestyle writing and pop of creative enthusiasm every now and then. She spends most of her time, trying to have imaginary conversations with imaginary audiences and calls it her Ted talk.


With a flair on subjects ranging from Arts and Culture to Handicrafts to Film, she aspires to start her own company in direction. She enjoys chicken wings, procrastinating and laughing maniacally during the most inappropriate times. She also writes poems.


You can get to her Instagram handle by searching portiapearls.

Michaelle Sandefur,
Public Relations Head

Michaelle has been in business for herself for many years., helping her husband build businesses from the ground up.


She's a proud parent of two incredibly talented children. Pursuing her passion of reading, and being an author has always been her dream. A people person with a pleasant personality, she loves working with others and enjoys helping them to reach their dreams and goals.

Akanksha Mishra,
Social Media Manager
WhatsApp Image 2020-07-03 at 10.53.45 PM

Akanksha Mishra, a Biotechnology and Forensics Graduate. Also a History enthusiast and a Mythology fanatic, basically she's a person with multiple interests.

An introvert by nature, you'll hardly find her talking much, but is fairly a good conversationalist, she enjoys graphic designing and writing stories... 

Wishes to be an established author one day

Alankrita Verma,
Production Associate

Alankrita Verma is a 21 years-old-student, pursuing her Masters in English literature.  


A professional fashion designer. V-logger, philanthropist and an active spokesperson for Say No to Abuse group with a knack for editing.


It was her passion for reading has got her into the publishing industry. She’s a music lover, who spends her time reading, painting, sketching or designing.

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