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How I Switched Careers to Pursue My Passion 2029 - Catherine Edward - Co-Founder of Editingle

How and why did I start Editingle Media?

  • Though I want to be a full-time author, I’m also interested in business, which motivated me to launch Editingle Media with my best friend and business partner, Rucha Shrinath. Editing Media is a dream project that was in our minds for months. Being an author myself, I knew first hand of the struggles an author goes through before they get their opportunity to publish. Whether it’s self-publishing or traditionally publishing, they have little to no guidance on how things work. Either they have to pay a lot of money for the services or struggle to find a suitable agent.

  • We knew several authors who had great stories to tell. There are still so many diamonds in the rubble. We aimed to change that. To create a platform for first-time publishing authors to help them along the journey of publishing. Editing works with its author’s side by side as they establish themselves in the writing world. The authors who are submitting their scripts go through a standard screening process, and then we have a dedicated team who help us nurture these authors. We help create a path they envision and guide them toward the right direction. That’s what makes us different from all the other publishers. This was possible because we have the best team in Editingle who are all passionate about writing and publishing, just like me. They are ready to go the extra mile to see our goals come to fruition. Our passion is our driving force.

The Co-Founder of Editingle just share her experience and struggles about her career in her latest interview. Please check out the full interview here.

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