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The Last Page

When Jasmine Sanders woke up in the hospital, she had no option but to escape. Not only from her past catching up to her but also from Australia. Choosing the first flight out, she landed in New Zealand without immediate plans.

She hoped to find an adventure while travelling the countryside, finding herself a destination that would change her future. And she almost succeeded in her plan until she met Jake Thomas, a well-known Hollywood actor who lived and was filming on the property she was staying in. Their encounter sparked some emotions inside her that she had forgotten about. However, he was holding a secret which created a rift between them and put her in danger.

Finally, they found love after lots of struggle and neither expected to have it snatched away. Was it possible for them to reunite? Or were there too many sacrifices to overcome?

The last page was a message of hope they both believed in.

-Shenae Chase
The last page cover blank without text_edited.jpg
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