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Betrayal always offers the choice: Bitter or Better? After her sister's death, wedding cake artist Milli Velvet Haywood left her busy life in Vegas behind; Hoping for a new beginning in the small town resort community of Pagosa Cliffs, Colorado. But with a newstart comes challenges. Her attempt to return to her old life brings a different set of dangers. Can she move forward and be better? Or will the bitterness of her life sour her future chances at happiness and love. This story is all about choices. It is about overcoming versus succumbing.

M. M. Ward

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Mama Magie Ward- Farm mom and author who writes as part of my stroke recovery. My stories are a walk between shadow and light. I write stories about and for those who have been through much. There will be triggers for survivors, things I would wish on anyone, but sadly, these are the trials many face in today’s world. Some will overcome, some will succumb, and I encourage all to seek help. Weep, cope, reach out. You are not alone. There is always the choice... Become Better, not bitter.

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