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An unfortunate circumstance brought them together, but a long-harbored secret kept them apart for three years.

When Mia finds out that her missing husband is back in town, she forces herself to meet him. The quick in-and-out meeting, asking for a divorce, was what she expected. But, instead, one meeting turned into two, two into three, and she was falling for her husband again. However, she also got a feeling he was hiding something from her.

While Damian is still the same handsome, charming guy who stole her heart all those years ago, their reunion is overshadowed by hidden secrets, insecurities, and an unknown threat. As much as Mia wants to keep her distance, her feelings start to grow for him. Damian also can't help but fall for the kind-of nerdy girl he left behind. However, threat looms over their budding romance when the dark truth is revealed.

Will the secret which caused Damian to move away break them or bring them closer? Will they still be able to make it work after finding out what happened?

Sayali D. 

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Sayali (who cannot pronounce her own last name), has been writing from childhood, starting from poems and essays that won her accolades to writing murder mysteries for her gang of girls. 

Embarking on a technical career after college made her appreciate her world of mystery and make-believe even more. She dove into romance as a teen and mostly writes stories about strong, relatable characters who meander their way into love. Her books also contain suspense and mystery, with a lot of plot twists that keep the readers engaged.

Sayali is married to her college sweetheart and has a cute kid. She writes when her imagination gets the better of her and her characters demand to be written about. It’s the only way she can stay sane, though anyone who has seen her daydream and talk to herself, will disagree.

Sayali can be found on FB, Twitter and Instagram, chattering away to all within earshot.

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