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Dear Reader,

Thanks for stopping by. Since Indian (Asian) and African readers are facing some difficulties in purchasing paperbacks, we would be selling books directly from our site. You can fill out the order form here and grab your copy!


Please note:

1. Paperback orders are received only for the readers from the ASIAN and AFRICAN countries at the moment. (Excluding Pakistan.)
2. Western country readers can purchase a copy through Amazon and other retailers online.
3. Orders will be processed every two weeks for our convenience.

Order Process:

3. Books are charged in Indian currency (INR). We will help you convert this to your currency if you are located outside India.
4. Once we received the order, we will send you a quote. (Price of the book+Shipping)
5. Once the payment is received you'll receive a confirmation for the order with an estimated shipping date.
6. We will ship the product to you :)

Payment Mode:

7. You can pay via Paypal if you're located outside India. If you want to choose a different career, you'll have to email your request to us at editingleindiehouse@gmail.com.
8. Indian readers can pay using any form of UPI - PhonePe, PayTM, Amazon Pay Balance and Google Pay.


Scroll through the list of our published books and select the ones you'd like to purchase.

Happy reading!


There’s nothing worse than having to take a bathroom break when there’s none to be had.When Whitney Dugan is forced to play babysitter to a patient, her temporary position is turned into a permanent one. Soon, she’s pulled into a troubling situation she wants no part of, despite there being two dangerously, smoldering Alphas at her side.
The Viktor twins have the world at their feet. Demanding an empire of respect, fear and submission, human and lycan steer clear of the dynamic duo. But when a brutal attack lands one of them in the hospital, they realize everything is nothing without the presence of their female as they all too suddenly fall for their human mate.
Willing to do whatever it takes for revenge while keeping their female happily by their side, they must bare every dark secret they hide in hopes it will bring them together instead of driving them apart.